Service Manages Record Label Mechanical Royalties for Cloud Music Services

Los Angeles, California (June 20, 2011) – Royalty Review Council today announced its Cloud Mechanical Royalty Service (CMRS), a new service to process mechanical royalties related to streaming and cloud music services for major and independent record labels.

The challenges and costs for record labels to account to music publishers for cloud or streaming services are numerous. Existing systems will require investment to handle the new requirements. CMRS eliminates the need to build new systems or update processes by providing a turnkey solution. Labels can deliver metadata and cloud usage reports to Royalty Review Council, who then prepares the statements for music publishers.

“With complex and variable payment rate structures, we saw a need in the market for a new service to assist the record labels,” said Keith Bernstein, CEO of Royalty Review Council. “Since labels typically have not had to process mechanicals for streaming, they may not be prepared for this industry shift. The sheer volume of data can overwhelm some labels, and since the cloud services are happening so quickly, we have been able to leverage our existing infrastructure from digital royalty exams and outsource royalty accounting.”

CMRS will be available starting in July 2011.