Outsource Your Music Royalty Accounting

Royalty Review Council’s royalty accounting services for record labels and music publishers is unrivaled. We offer a complete cost-effective professional alternative to a traditional in-house music royalty department. You will save time and money when compared to the overhead costs and complexities to operate a part-time or fully-functional in-house royalty department. Whether you are a start-up or a mature company, our systems and experienced music royalty accounting staff can oversee, calculate, and process your royalties and statements.

Who We Process Music Royalties For…

Our royalty accounting services are available to major record labels, independent record labels, music publishers, distributors, webcasters, performance rights societies, recording artists, songwriters, digital distributors, wireless phone companies, media players, home video companies, and video game companies. If music is involved in the distribution, contact us!

Processing Sales of Digital Downloads

We are recognized as one of the first independent companies to build new infrastructures for managing, processing and reporting music royalties from traditional and new digital businesses. Our systems facilitate electronically importing sales data from all the major digital service providers (DSPs), including iTunes, the Orchard, TuneCore, SoundCloud… (all download, subscription, podcasts, and pay-per-play businesses around the world).

Our Music Royalty Administration Software Systems

We utilize sophisticated royalty software infrastructure to process artist, mechancial and music publishing royalty calculations accurately. Our systems are regularly updated to manage the changing landscape of music royalty reporting requirements associated with sales channels, formats and royalty provisions.

For more details about music royalty accounting, please see our Service Details page.