SEATTLE, WA (July 18, 2003) – Royalty Accounting – We know how great it feels every time one of your CDs is sold on CD Baby. You may owe royalties to other musicians, producers, and writers from each sale that is reported to you by CD Baby. You also need to make sure that you have the licensed right to submit your music to CD Baby in the first place. We offer services that can help you sort all of this out.

CD Baby has partnered with Royalty Review Council to offer royalty accounting services to artists and independent labels that are required to process and deliver record and mechanical royalty statements from the sales reports received from CD Baby (this includes royalty statements that are due to artists, producers, and writers). You can include both physical distribution (CDs) and digital distribution (downloads) on the same royalty statement.

Here are some things we can do for you:

  • We can prepare royalty statements directly from your CD Baby sales reports.
  • We can assist in obtaining the required licenses for the right to distribute your Music.

Here are some things we can NOT do for you:

  • We cannot give you legal advice. We cannot provide free advice for such requests as an assessment of your royalty reporting requirements and/or the determination of whether you are required to obtain a particular license for a particular type of use. We offer consulting services for a fee for these types of requests. Our fee schedule is available upon request.
  • If you need further information, please send us an email with your contact information, outline the services that may be of interest, and a representative from Royalty Review Council will contact you.