Los Angeles (March 20, 1999) – Artist, managers, record labels, or other companies searching for an accounting of online transactions have a new option to consider that detects sales with each click of the mouse. The system is designed with a code that is embedded into e-commerce sites. It counts sales, as well as downloads. The technology is the premiere product of Royalty Review Council.

“What we have done is taken traditional procedures and applied them to the Internet,” says co-founder Keith Bernstein, who previously was director of financial operations and royalty audits for the now-defunct A&M Records. The company provides a monthly report to its clients, which can include artists, business managers, publishers, record or film companies, or the e-commerce site itself. “This can calculate sales from all types of industries, no matter what the format is. It’s not solely for the record industry.” Bernstein has stressed that the system will be marketed to sites that legally sell product over the Internet. “There are plenty of new search engines that find illegal product. We want to work with people who are dealing with licensed product. Everyone is trying to find a standard to make sure everyone gets paid, says Bernstein, and what we’re offering is a way to measure intellectual properties distributed over the Internet that has integrity.”
– Eileen Fitzpatrick, L.A.

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